Randomly Wednesday

In case it was ambiguous, my philosophical intent Monday was to demonstrate that the “reason for the season” is PRESENTS! And lots of them. Participants in The Compact might disagree, however:

John Perry’s worst temptation was a plumber’s snake for his clogged drain.

But Perry has not veered once from the Compact rules. His bathroom sink has been plugged for months, and it’ll stay that way until he finds a drain snake at Thrift Town.

I don’t see a real moral crusader here. I see a dumbass with an old, stinky hairball festering in his drain. But I probably won’t be using his bathroom anytime soon anyway, which is something for which I’m infinitely grateful. I’d hate to imagine what he does for toilet paper.

More randomnesss for a Wednesday after Christmas:

  • Interesting LA Times piece on the entrepeneurial spirit of a marijuana retailer in San Francisco and the special joy he’s provided for everyone lucky enough to live near one of his establishments.
  • Is it just me or does the “Rosie vs. Donald” catfight seem like the pilot for a new series called “Battle of the Nobody Gives a Damns”?
  • Goodbye to former President Gerald Ford, perhaps the last of the moderate Republican chief executives. With him goes a certain calmness the party lacks now that it’s mostly controlled by religious nutjobs and other assorted reactionaries with persecution complexes. Of course, one could perhaps make that claim about the Democratic party as well.