The secret to surviving this weekend

The trick is to stay busy and keep my mind occupied at all times. Hence today’s achievements:

  • Finishing my freelance stuff for the week.
  • Organizing and tagging all 800 pictures from the trip in iPhoto (I’ll get some on flickr soon).
  • Four loads of laundry.
  • Much grocery shopping.
  • Assorted home maintenance.
  • Pondering how to stay similarly busy the rest of the weekend.

I’m impressed, particularly since I’ve also been sick all day and got almost no sleep last night.

I’ll probably spend tomorrow getting everything migrated from the (out of commission) G5 to the iMac. That will be no fun whatsoever, but it’s just what I need right now.

The perils of cross-country travel

It’s inevitable. You always end up leaving something in the hotel room. Usually it’s something of no real value, but sometimes it’s something vitally important, maybe even something you love. And all you can do is hope they keep it safe and happy until you eventually get it back.

From the air

Random intrestingness from 30,000 feet:

Free wifi and a first class upgrade (thanks, m’luv) make air travel almost tolerable.