Where I Live

After six months or so, an update to the “home” page. There’s even an “interactive” floorplan, using 1997’s most cutting-edge technology: the client-side image map. Netscape 1.0 or higher is required:

This is our beautiful new house in Winston-Salem. We took possession on 26 May 2006. If you want, you can see a video I shot the day we closed here. We own it, so we can make all the holes we want in the walls. We can also paint everything lime green if we so choose. Fortunately, we don’t so choose, but still…

It’s a big house. But we’re big boys, so that works out just fine. For comparison purposes, it’s five or six times the size of the dingy hovel I called “home” in San Francisco for thriteen years and a good three times the size of our apartment in Charlotte.

Our house was built in 1963 (the year before me) and has had two previous owners. In the fashion of the time, it’s somewhat overbuilt and should withstand considerable punishment over the years without collapsing. It also features parking, a yard, a shed, utilities that work, and a refreshing lack of mold in the bathroom.

Sadly, there’s no psycho living downstairs, and the neighborhood lacks roaming bands of crackheads and drunk guys who piss on the front steps. There’s also no big gang mural across the street and I’ve yet to find a single used syringe or condom by the curb. I’m happy to say, though, that I’m learning to live without these amenities.

If you’d like to see the inside, you can click on any arrow below to see a photo and description from that viewpoint. If you prefer, you may also use the thumbnails at the bottom of the page.