Five Years of Gooeyness

Because we were on vacation and all, I never got to mention that Mark and I celebrated the fifth anniversary of the night we met Thursday night. The milestone was marked at a Denny’s overlooking the New York State Thruway. We always do Denny’s on our anniversary because we went there that first night back in 2001, the night my life changed so dramatically.

I’ll try not to get too mushy and make everyone start retching. I just wanted to thank the most wonderful boy in the world:

  • For putting up with my snoring and mumbling, my other assorted quirks, and my constant need for food.
  • For coping with my moods when I quit smoking, when my thyroid went out of whack, and when I occasionally lapse into midlife crisis mode.
  • For always offering to turn around at the next intersection so I can snap a picture of that vintage supermarket we just passed (and maybe even go inside).
  • For understanding me so thorughly and completely, and for supporting me in so many ways.
  • For helping me to drag myself out of San Francisco.
  • For having the ambition, drive, and motivation I too often lack.
  • For standing out in the rain that night in February 2004.
  • For loving cafeterias and dumpy old diners as much as I do.
  • For being able to converse intelligently on subjects that interest me.
  • For taking me to Disneyland. And across state (and national) borders for immoral purposes.
  • For maintaining the assorted databases around which our lives revolve, even when I slack off on my end.
  • For being a perfect fit, physically and intellectually.
  • For giving me a wonderful home in a beautuful city.
  • For making me realize that, even though I might have been quite happy spending my life alone, I could be even happier spending it with someone else.

I love you, baby. Happy anniversary. Happy Hallowe’en too.