Randomly Monday

Random thoughts for a Monday morning:

  • Any Tornotoans out there? On vacation, I discovered that SunTV (channel 52) is airing King of Kensington reruns at 11:30 AM on weekdays. I remember this show from when I was a kid, and I was apparently the only person in the entire country who watched it during its brief American syndication run. Anyway, I’m dying to hear the theme song again (the vocal version from the early seasons) and would be really excited if someone could record it for me.
  • Circulating hot water baseboard heat is the coolest thing in the world. There’s no blower spewing dust all over the place and drying out your skin, plus the baseboard units aren’t even hot to the touch, so it’s safe to put furniture next to them. It’s so warm and toasty.
  • Road trip stats: ten states, one province, 446 still pictures, eight hours of video, $650 in car repairs, $71 in dental triage fees, $50 in Canadian antibiotics and pain pills, $30 in assorted over the counter medications at Loblaw’s, six bucks worth of Kosher Hungarian Hallowe’en candy for the neighborhood kiddies, two reunions with old friends, and a tons more fun, despite the occasional bits of drama to which I have just alluded.
  • I missed the K&W, though.