Charlotte and Babylon

I woke up about 8. Duncan and Rick were at work, so I spent the morning getting some of the only rest and having some of the only down-time of the whole trip. I watched “The New Scooby Doo Movies” with special guest Speed Buggy. And when I stepped out on the patio for a cigarette, I remembered just how cold North Carolina can get in November.

Duncan and I went to lunch at McDonald’s Cafeteria (which does not serve hamburgers, thank you) and I had some stunning greens and peach cobbler. We popped by the TV station whose website I design long distance. And then we continued the Great Charlotte Supermarket Tour of 1999.

Dinner at a restaurant near Duncan and Rick’s and then they drove me back to Mom and Dad. Mom loves Duncan and was happy to see him.


I drove downtown to the Palms to see Jeff and Joel and there spent the only hour of my trip which involved a bar. And I feel guilty about not seeing more of Jeff, but our schedules just conflicted too much in this hectic trip.