To Charlotte


Off to Charlotte to see Duncan. This meeting proved difficult at first, as I couldn’t catch Duncan on the phone, no matter how hard I tried. As it turns out, Duncan couldn’t get home to his phone. Seems there was a hostage situation in his complex. Unlike in San Francisco, though, it was not related to speed or crack in any way.

Eventually we met, though, and I also met Rick, Duncan’s new betrothed, and Caleb, who could easily become one of my favorite dogs on the planet.

We had dinner at Gus’ Sir Beef, where you come for the great name, but stay for the “fresh my farm” vegetables. Then Duncan and Rick took me on a vintage supermarket tour. One of the things love about Duncan is that he will (a) do something most people would find horribly boring and (b) actually be enthusiastic about it.


I went to sleep in my private guest room (with private guest bath) and wondered why my rent (which is probably more than their mortgage) doesn’t allow me to have an extra bedroom and bathroom (or God forbid a parking space). Sometime in the middle of the night, I decided it was time to move back to a saner place. Charlotte seems as likely as any right now.