Changing the subject

For the past month or so, the majority of my non-work related conversations have been about my mom. As someone who is not really inclined toward telephone conversations to begin with, having several of them a day with my relatives about a fairly unpleasant subject has not been my idea of heaven. I love my mom (and my dad and my aunts) dearly and really appreciate all the assistance and advice they’ve offered but I’m pretty thoroughly “talked out” on the subject of my mom by now. I’m not really avoiding it (it’s too important and I really sort of can’t avoid it) but I’m kind of ready to stop letting it dominate my life–and my website.

In other words, despite its major role in my life right now I’m not willing to be so completely defined by my mom’s illness– just like I wasn’t willing to be defined by my assorted health issues in 2001 and 2006, my breakup earlier this year, etc.

Therefore, I’m opening the floor to new subjects now. Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Changing the subject

  1. Hmmm. Interesting suggestion. I’m just not sure how much there us to say on the subject, even though my virginity has recently grown back…

  2. Gregg’s suggestion is good, especially since I’ve been exploring all the singles that peaked at #41-100 in that time, good bad and awful.

  3. It is, or was. I downloaded the L-Z artists when they had it on the site, and now I’m looking for the A-Ls — wish I’d seen it sooner!

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