Cafeteria Line of the Damned


Thanksgiving dinner at the K&W.

Thanksgiving has never been one of my family’s bigger traditions. When I was young, we usually spent it with assorted aunts and uncles, but we always left the big celebrating to Christmas. In recent years, my mom and dad have taken to having their turkey at the cafeteria (except for 2007, when the hubby and I had them over for a big feeding). The past two years, Mark has been on the west coast for the big day, so I’ve joined them (and hundreds of others) in this charming New South tradition of turkey, two vegetables, bread, dessert, and tea for $6.49.


It’s not such a big deal. Mark and I had our own spread last Sunday before he left, anyway. I’m glad I married a boy who not only cooks, but even makes his own pie crust (sans dodgy Japanese ingredients).


Now I get to spend the rest of the holiday weekend writing my last paper as a graduate student, as well as preparing for my final final.

3 thoughts on “Cafeteria Line of the Damned

  1. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Good luck on the paper. I finished mine in October and am still decompressing.

  2. Thanks. This one’s not the capstone (it’s already done and submitted) but just one last paper for a class. I will be very happy when it’s done.

  3. Oh yes, rub it in, why don’t you. What I wouldn’t give for some southern lard (kosher style) now.

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