I’d love to pretend that my absence was due to all the exciting things I’ve been busy with lately. It hasn’t. I have been very busy, but it’s mostly been with pretty tedious stuff.


Some exceptions:

  • A birthday dinner for Mark at the Old Salem Tavern last week. We were both pretty well impressed with the place. It’s kind of cool eating good food in a 200-year-old restaurant, even if it no longer has sleeping rooms upstairs nor drunk Moravians roaming about.
  • My last day at the part time job I’ve been sleepwalking through for the past year or so. I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite so little emotion upon leaving a job. I guess my “engagement” level just wasn’t very high. Anyway, no more Agnes. Yay!
  • My exciting new digital converter box. The one that was dead on arrival and that I have to return.

OK, so my life is exceedingly boring. I realize that. That’s why I haven’t been saying much lately. I’ll try to be more interesting (for my own sake) but I make no promises.

Maybe a road trip soon…