Late night

It’s way past 3AM. There have been no phone calls warning of the impending end of the world, or anyting like that. I just can’t sleep, because I have a lot of client-related stuff on my mind, none of which I’ll be able to take care of tomorrow because I’ll be sleepwalking through the day at a part-time job that pays squat, but to which I don’t even have the option of calling in sick. And after about three hours sleep tonight (and maybe five last night), I will pretty well qualify as “sick” once I arrive at work.

I had a job like this many years ago, and I swore I’d never take another one. But here I am. It seemed like a good idea a year ago (to me, at least) and it has allowed us to build up a decent “rainy day” reserve fund. But it just doesn’t seem worth the hassle anymore, especially when it’s keeping me from doing more lucrative work, and from engaging in activities that might further my actual career. And sleeping.

So I’m now resolved to be officially, ummm, separated from this position within a month. Pity it won’t do me any good tomorrow this morning.

All in all, though, I shouldn’t complain. At least I get to be awake at home at 3AM, rather than, say, in the Philadelphia airport.