Storm damage

The only damage in out little corner of suburbia was from all the water that rushed into the laundry/storage room through a small gap in our garage door. It’s not a big thing; it’s just taking time that I desperately needed for other things this weekend, and sort of guaranteeing that I’ll be a big, streeed-out exhausted gob of goo by Monday.

But at least I’ll still have a house, even if it is one where the laundry room carpet is a little damp.

Side note: I’m inclined never to do business with this company. When I was a little more concerned about the water in the basement, I called to see how much they charged to come out and assess the damage. I was told that not only would they not give me a charge for the service call over the phone, they also (a) would not provide me with an estimate before they started work, and (b) would make me sign a form in advance saying that I would pay whatever the charges turned out to be.

I asked them how many people were stupid enough to fall for that. They couldn’t provide me an estimate on that either.