Bottles and Books and Technology

What exactly does it say about me that when I recently stumbled upon a dirty picture of a boy impaled on a water bottle, I paid very little attention to the boy himself, nor to the slightly disturbing fact that he had a water bottle shoved up his ass, but immediately noticed that the bottle itself was from Publix, a Florida supermarket chain?

No, I’m not going to link to the picture here.

Other random thoughts during this brief break on a very busy Monday:

  • The hubby and I had lots of fun at the big Shepherd Center book sale last week, although I didn’t find any mislabeled pornography like I did last year.
  • After two semesters in grad school, I can safely say the idea that younger people are more “wired” and tech savvy than people in my age group is something of a false generalization. I think commentators are mistaking “nimble fingers capable of sending text messages really fast” or “familiarity with MySpace” for actual technological knowledge (like the ability to use a computer or put together a website).
  • This is a surprisingly useful service. I’ve recently used it to convert DOCX files to something I can use and to convert PDF files to Word or RTF format. It handles a variety of video and graphics formats too, but I already have most of these covered.
  • No, the photo above has nothing to do with anything else in the post. Thanks for asking.