Randomly Monday

I could’ve been in a mild funk yesterday, due, among other things, to the fact that my new part-time gig is not turning out to be evertthing I expected it to be. Which is sad, since my expectations were fairly low to begin with.

However, I lucked into a surprisingly entertaining film on TCM, about the misadventures of a philandering Welsh librarian, played by Peter Sellers. Who’d have thought such a thing could exist? It’s right up my alley, since I’m planning on being a philandering Welsh librarian in two years.

OK, I’m not really planning on philandering. It’s just one of those words that amuses me. And, actually, only my surname is Welsh; my background is really more English and Scotch-Irish. But it was still an entertaining movie, all the same.

Today’s things that also make me happy:

  • My dad is officially out of the nursing home rehab facility and is now at home eating barbecue.
  • Because of this fact, I have strawberry cobbler from Stamey’s for dessert tonight.
  • It’s only a few days until my boy is home.

Just to balance all this happiness, though, an extended middle finger (OK, a second one) goes out to the guy who passed me on the right on I-40 near Kernersville today while I was already doing 75MPH. Mind you, I was in the right lane at the time, so passing me on the right meant that he did so using the onramp and part of the shoulder. And the guy was about fifty years old, so he presumably should’ve known better.

But there’s no moron like an old moron, I guess. Especially when it’s an old, hypocritical moron like Coy Privette, who not only messes around with prostitutes despite his assorted “Christian values” stances, but who messes around with African-American prostitutes, even though much of his core constituency teeters about half a double-wide away from active Klan membership.

Dang. Could this journal entry have rambled just a little bit more? Why yes, because I could’ve also used it to push the new website one more time.