Randomly Monday

Random stuff for a Monday morning:

  • I enjoyed the severely stormy Sunday, really. It was cool. But the storms are over, and that wind that’s sounded like a freight train pouding the house pretty much continuously since last night really needs to stop now, thanks.
  • In North Carolina, it costs $2.88 a month to have AT&T not list your number in the phone book. Apparently, it costs even more in some other states. There’s something very wrong with that.
  • Since moving back east, I’ve been surprised at how many papers still run “Funky Winkerbean”, which has managed in recent years to become the most bleak and depressing thing ever to grace the comics pages. This (via here) pretty much sums it up.
  • They’re kidding, right? Short-distance one-way traffic on adjacent streets is one thing, but a ten-mile stretch involving two streets that are separated by several blocks in some areas is another entirely. The whole idea seems prepoterous to me, even given LA traffic.