Randomly Wednesday

After taking my first GRE practice test, I now realize that I am quite verbal, and need some quantitative review. Who didn’t see that coming?

Actually, I’m pretty math-minded as a general rule, but some of the more, ummm, obtuse concepts of geometry really tripped me up, mainly because I didn”t give a flying fuck about them in the ninth grade, and I pretty much still don’t. I find very few real life applications in my daily life. I’m surprisingly OK with much of the algebra, although I have a tendency to make stupid mistakes when I’m not paying enough attention.

Other and unrelated Wednesday stuff:

  • Good news always makes me a little giddy.
  • We spent the weekend in Charlotte, and the main thing I kept thinking was how much I used to love parts of my alternate hometown back when it still used to be a city. But more on that subject later.
  • Rhetorical question: why do so many fundamentalist Christians believe that “religious freedom” means that they have the right to practice their own religion however they see fit, preferably with government sanction, but that no one else has any rights at all and should pretty much just “get over it”? I guess that myth of perpetual persecution helps keep the faith ever stronger, huh?
  • Things I particularly hate today: pollen, Discover, and PDF documents made from scans of the document rather than source material.