Randomly Tuesday

Try to contain your enthusiasm upon seeing our new breaker box. I know it’s exciting, but calm down ferchrissakes. The neighbors can hear you.

Random Tuesday evening stuff:

  • It’s gotta suck when a TV station that has to announce that its own morning news anchor has been arrested for killing someone while driving drunk. The logistics of reporting a story like that can’t be very pleasant.
  • Most disturbing song heard on Muzak weekend: someone’s horrid instrumental cover of “Bad Sneakers” by Steely Dan.
  • Looks like the proposed “solution” to the problem of Charlotte’s nearly dead Eastland Mall is another vaguely new urbanist blast of banality. Wow. Who didn’t see that coming?
  • Mmmm. Vertical file. I found the most amazing stuff at the Greensboro library this weekend. I love spending warm, sunny days inside the library, where I’m protected from from the bad weather.
  • I also love Google Video much better than YouTube, because on Google, you can actually download stuff like this, edit it, and burn it to DVD so you can watch it on an actual TV.
  • Had a visit from the ex-roomie and his parents today, whereupon I reflected on how neither of us would’ve expected ten years ago that I’d end up living in his old hometown and that he’d be the one of us who was still in San Francisco. Go figure.