Randonly Tuesday

Randomly Tuesday:

  • For the record, I may have been premature in my earlier endorsement of this insurance broker. Enough said, for the moment. You can be certain, though, that I’ll ultimately say more. At least I am now definitively insured.
  • After all my work recording, editing, and burning to DVD epsiodes of Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, I read today that a legitimate release of sesaon one is on the way. I think I’ll keep working on season two, though, as I have my doubts about how well this one will sell.
  • Alas, it will be ore difficult to record these episodes, since a power surge last week seems to have caused problems with our spiffy new multi-room Dish DVR. I hope it’s not a replay of our earlier problems.
  • Coming this week: snow (maybe), a visit from Duncan on Friday, and about three more trips to Greensboro to deal with the current family situation (sigh).