Christmas at Home

We’re a week away from our first Christmas in the new house. There are lights. There are presents. Domesticity abounds.

Mark has posted his salute to the Christmas spirit. I’ve done my annual posting of the official Otherstream Christmas anthem. Our wish lists (mine and his) are both available for last-minute browsing. All is well with the world.

We made our first fire Saturday night. We plan to spend Christmas Eve and morning in the basement, since that’s where we keep the fireplace. This particular Christmas morning will be especially nice since it will (a) be the first one in our new house, (b) be the first one I’ve ever spent adjacent to a fire, and (c) will allow us to wake up and have our morning to ourselves without having to share it with my parents or whomever, but will still allow us to drive over and spend the afternoon with them.

Apologies for all the domestic bliss and stuff, but Christmas is the squishiest time of year, after all.