Welcome to December

Why yes, my new decoration really does put me in the Christmas spirit, thanks. After all, I’ll probably be doing a significant chunk of my Christmas shopping there. And it’s so cute with the little skylights and all.

And no, I don’t really care how much they paid the person who hand-painted it.

Things I love today:

  • Pop-up Video re-runs on VH-1 Classic: my only complaint is that no one ever shows my favorite: the Pop-up Behind the Music with Leif Garrett, which was one of the single funniest things I’ve ever seen on TV.
  • My fast food cup overfloweth: The McRib and Burger King’s Italian Chicken Sandwich have returned simultaneously.
  • Best of all, in only six more days, I get to have my boy home for nearly an entire month. Which is nice, because it’s getting cold here.