(Not) Home for the Holidays

What a very insane month. I’ll try to do better in December. Really.

The holidays in Fresno were very nice. We were well-housed, well-fed, and haad good company. The only big souvenir I brought back was a cold, but it was a mild one. As sucky as Thanksgiving air travel can be, I was actually pretty lucky all in all, and only had one really wretched flight, the return leg from Chicago to Winston-Salem on Saturday.

I didn’t have to spend too much time in San Francisco, which was nice. Unfortunately, most of the time I did spend there was spent walking around the Financial District, either looking for bathrooms or doing some emergency client work from assorted FedEx Kinko’s locations where I’d been employed several years before.

I’m home now, trying to catch up on the past five or six weeks, which somehow got lost in the shuffle.

More soon.