Randomly Thursday

Random stuff for a Thursday night:

  • There is good and happy news in my health insurance universe thanks to these people. As one of the uninsurable masses, I’d been pretty worried about this over the past month or two, so I feel much better about life tonight.
  • Thanks to everyone who sent condolences and sympathy notes. There are nice people in internet-land.
  • With two projects up in the air, I probably won’t be any better about answering email for the next few days than I have for the past two weeks.
  • The holidays musy be close at hand: the Hardee’s on Cloverdale is already lit up like (pardon the expression) a Christmas tree.
  • Which are the bigger price gougers: guys who work on cars or guys who work on teeth? It’s pretty much a toss-up in my book.
  • So how ’bout all those bleeding heart liberals in Arizona? And Mexico? Damned activist electorate and legislators…