Letting Others Speak for Me

If you’re patient (lazy?) enough, you can just wait for someone else to post things and save yourself all the effort. That’s how I’ll handle my visit from Rick last week. This way, you also get to read about the other stuff he did, in case you’re not interested in our cafeteria run, our Krispy Kreme run, and our quickie tours of Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

I also ran into Taylor last week for the first time in about nine years. Said meeting involved Stamey’s and a walking tour of downtown Greensboro, including the recently-restored downtown train station. Alas, I can’t rely on his website to provide details, because he doesn’t have one. I can, however, promise more pictures of the train station and downtown Greensboro will be coming soon in the Photography section.

I’ll be off now, in search of someone else’s content I can link to in lieu of creating my own. But here’s one last picture to tide you over: