Stupid Drunk Tricks

While it’s good to have multiple beds to choose from on an insomniac night, it really sucks when the power goes out and you pretty much can’t do anything but sit in the dark and think about not being able to go to sleep. This was more the husband’s problem than mine last night, but I got my fair share as well.

What really sucks, though, is that one stupid drunk driver named Alex Dwaynard Miller can cause so much trouble for several thousand innocent bystanders. People couldn’t get ready for work — or even work at all in some cases, like mine. Traffic was a nightmare due to non-functioning stoplights. Businesses had to close. And it was all due to one moron who didn’t know when he’d had enough.

At least he hit a utility pole rather than, say, another car. Unfortunately, since he lived through it, he’ll probably do it again.

You may wonder if I’ve ever driven drunk. I have. Many times, in fact, back in my twenties. Am I ashamed and embarrassed by that fact now? Yes. Very much so. I’d even go as far as “horrified””.

Does the fact that I realized the error of my ways and stopped drinking and driving make me morally superior to people who still do? Does it give me the right to berate them mercilessly?

Why, yes. Yes, it does.