MySpace. Blecch.

Funny, I was just about to write this same journal entry, almost word for word, particularly with respect to cheesy Geocities and Tripod sites from eight or nine years ago. I’ve never seen a MySpace page that wasn’t absolutely horrible and ugly and tacky and annoying.

The only difference is that I would’ve mentioned how annoying it is that random MySpacers are always trying to do inline links to my graphics from their godawful sucktastic monstrosities, thus stealing the bandwidth I pay for. But I’ve pretty much thwarted those attempts, with a few lines of code.

I also would’ve added this quote from the original article:

Or perhaps it’s MySpace’s “social” element that disturbs me. I’m a misanthrope. Everyone on MySpace seems young and happy and excited and flip and approachable, and this upsets me. Still, at least the teenage MySpacers are getting on with the business of being young and alive, unlike the fustier elements of the “blogosphere”, who just waste the world’s time banging on and on about how important the “blogosphere” is and how it spells the end of every old notion ever, when the truth is that, as with absolutely every form of media ever, 99% of the “blogosphere” is rubbish created by idiots.

Especially the word “blogosphere”. A word I refuse to write without sneery ironic quote marks either side of it. Because I hate it and it’s crap and I JUST DON’T WANT TO KNOW.

I think I like this cranky Brit…