Randonly Tuesday

Interestingly enough — and despite all the time I’ve spent packing and moving lately — I’ve written several new rants in the past few days. I just haven’t posted any of them yet. Two of the pieces don’t feel quite “ready”, while the third may be just a bit more personal than I really want it to be. They’re pretty good, though. I’ll keep you posted.

The move is coming along very nicely, and by next Sunday, we’ll no longer be spending much time here in rapidly-ghettoizing east Charlotte. For those who care, we actually live in southeast Charlotte, but since the whole city is set at a 45° angle to reality, we have to pretend we live due east in order for the street names to work correctly. This is very frustrating to Geography majors, by the way.

Other frustrations and irritations du jour:

  • Summer, with its attendant increases in temperature and number of children who must be kicked out of the way in all public places.
  • The most useless new comic strip of the year, which (like another recent winner loser) seems to have suddenly appeared in every newspaper in America all at once for no good reason.
  • People who go to great lengths to pass me on the freeway, and then don’t do so, but instead cruise along in my blind spot for the next ten miles moving at exactly the same rate of speed as me.
  • Sundays, when all of those people seem to hanging out on I-85 around Salisbury.
  • Knowing that I have a great house 70 miles away, yet having to continue living in a rapidly ghettoizing and increasingly noisy apartment complex for another week.

Sorry. It was a pretty lackluster list. I’ll try to do better next time.