Minuteman Morons

Jim Gilchrist, co-founder of the Minuteman Project, is a a bigger moron than I’d thought if he really believes that a furniture store owner’s decision not to allow Glichrist’s merry band of vigilantes to stage a rally on the store’s private property is somehow a violation of anyone’s “First Amendment rights”.

What a crock. Has anyone else noticed how the assorted right wing nut jobs and fundamentalists in America have begun to employ the very same whiny “oppressed minority” conspiracy theory bullshit they’ve derided for so many years among leftists?

Apparently, the Minutemen believe that their desire for a rallying place to keep anyone they don’t like off American soil trumps an individual property owner’s right to keep people he disagrees with from trespassing on his own private property. A clue: freedom to use other people’s resources however you see fit is not included in the concept of free speech.

Anyone with that many American flags plastered all over his website should know that. Then again, most people with that many American flags plastered all over their websites seem to know precious little about much of anything, liberty or the Constitution included.