Goodbye Charlotte. Again.

So I’m moving away from Charlotte again. I did it once before, in 1989, and once again in 1991, if you count that two-month temporary gig here as a period of residence, which I don’t.

It’s not like my flight from San Francisco. I’ve never left Charlotte because I hated it here. I like it, all in all. In fact, we had a real estate agent in both Charlotte and Winston-Salem until just a few weeks ago. It just always seems to end up making more sense to be someplace else. In 1989, it was because I was going back to school full-time in Greensboro. This time, it’s because we’ve found a house and an environment we like in Winston-Salem, which also has the benefit of being both cheaper and closer to my family.

I’m not severing any emotional ties this time around. I don’t really know many more people here than I did last June when we arrived, so I’m not particularly broken up about leaving. There are some things I’ll miss, of course, but it’s not like I’ll be all that far away anyhow. I can be at Gus’ Sir Beef or the Landmark in about 70-80 minutes, depending on the condition of I-85 through Salisbury.

Last year, we moved from Neilsen DMA #6 (SF) to #27 (Charlotte). And now we’re off to Greensboro (#47) which falls right between Albuquerque (#46) and Las Vegas (#48). Stay tuned. It’s May Sweeps. You never know what other surprises I might spring on you so I can compete successfully with the finale of “7th Heaven”, and of The WB itself, for that matter…