Toilets and Fans

Only two more days until we lose the giant fans in our office. Thursday night, just as we were leaving to go to dinner, the toilet tank in the office bathroom overflowed and didn’t shut off. In about five minutes, all the carpet within five feet of the bathroom (including the media closet) was soaked. I’m glad we caught it before it could do any more damage.

Fortunately, maintenance managed to get someone out here with an extractor that night, and we now have big fans blowing above and beneath the carpet to get it good and dry. I’m sure it will also get cleaned afterward, but I fear we’ll never have that “new apartment smell” again. It’s a good thing we’re planning to vacate pretty soon. All the same, I’ll miss this place. After thirteen years in a dingy San Francisco hovel with a cigar-smoking lunatic downstairs, it’s been really nice living someplace with appliances, plumbing that (usually) works, climate control, and a relatively pleasant aroma.

Anyway, we left the noisy fans behind and went to Winston-Salem on Friday and Saturday. We might have stayed the whole weekend and done more, ummm, shopping, but Mark had to be on a plane back to The City of Doom this morning.