It may be the first known case of a sportscaster being traded for a cartoon character. Then again, there’s not really much difference between the two species anyway, is there?

And speaking of cartoon characters (by “cartoon character”, I’m referring to the author of this piece, and not to Curious George):

Not only does the story reveals the sinister side of a corrupt wildlife trade with perilous roots in Western imperialism, but recent ethical, legal and scientific considerations on the personhood of primates makes a traditional reading of Curious George both impossible and irresponsible.

She’s joking, right? Does anyone really write a sentence using phrases like “scientfic considerations on the personhood of primates” and not expect people to start howling with laughter?

Did I mention how happy I am that I get my husband back tomorrow? I was going to show a picture of my big grin, but my religion doesn’t allow visual representations of myself. At least not when they’re unflattering…