Welcome to April

S.F. cops investigate role of ex-police chief in son’s Arizona brawl:

Fagan Sr. is not new to off-duty incidents related to alcohol. He was suspended after a drunken clash with California Highway Patrol officers in 1990, and 10 years later, Fagan Sr. left the scene of a crash, leaving his daughter behind to be with the motorist.

How and why did this guy ever become Chief of Police to begin with? I can’t help thinking the explanation somehow involves Willie Brown and oral sex. But I’m just speculating…

Unrelated: isn’t there a leash law in San Francisco? And if so, how can I politely remind my neighbors — a/k/a “Slimy Yuppie Guy with Trophy Dog” and “Granola Chick Who Probably Thinks Restraint Will Damage Rover’s Self-esteem” — of this fact?