Randomly Friday

Spam du jour:

Dear Citi Members_,
This Email was sennt _by the CitibankOnline _server to
veerify _your_ EMAIL address_.
You mmust celpotme this pceosrs by clicking on _the link
below and enteering in the litle winndow your _citibank
ATM full Card number and PiN that you use_ in_the Atm Machine.
That is done for-your potecrtion -C- becourse some of our
membres no lnegor have acecss to their email adrseedss
and we must verify it.

To veerify _your_ E-mail address and _access_ your Citi
account, click on _the link beelow.

Frankly, anyone who falls for this one pretty much DESERVES to lose his life savings…

All alone this weekend, just me and my Prevacid. Mark‘s home dealing with a family emergency (which doesn’t involve illness or death, don’t worry), and I’m enjoying the fact that my stomach feels better than it has in weeks…

So whose wrath will I draw if I suggest that — no matter how much it may pain me to say it — there’s just not a Democrat in the race who has a hope in hell of being elected president this year?

Just asking…