Randomly Monday

I’ve been having a lot of vaguely odd dreams featuring members of my family lately. Not disturbing, mind you, but just odd. For example, in one, I drove to the mall with my aunt and ran into my parents there. Shortly afterward, the mall turned into an airport and my aunt turned into my cousin (no Southern inbreeding jokes, please) and we were running from one end of said airport to the other looking for an emergency exit…

Yeah. So anyway, I know that all this has to do with guilt over the fact that I haven’t been home in almost two years. Thus, I’m starting to plan a quick trip — maybe four or five days tops — since I can’t manage more for a number of reasons right now…

Other random thoughts for a Monday afternoon:

  • Why does a city as large as San Francisco have such a miserable excuse for a newspaper? I’m not expecting the LA Times here, but you’d think a city of almost 800,000 people could manage an effort on something that takes almost as long to read as the Mercury News. San Jose isn’t all THAT much bigger a city.
  • Yes, I sometimes like gently reminding San Francisco that is neither the biggest nor (I’d argue) the most dominant city in the Bay Area anymore.
  • I dunno about this; the world has already seen my tweeter once.
  • Why no. No I didn’t post those pictures of LA this weekend. Nor answer any email. Nor will I probably end up doing so tonight.