In the News(paper)

All feelings about potential military action aside, you gotta love the simple truth of this letter in yesterday’s Chronicle:

I have to laugh every time I hear some peace demonstrator around here crow about how “courageous” it is to demonstrate against war. Courageous? It takes about as much courage to be anti-war in the Bay Area as it does to be anti-abortion in Vatican City.

And while I’m on the subject of newspapers, here’s one of the creepiest paragraphs I’ve read in quite a while, from Saturday’s LA Times. Note that the creepiness of what it says pales in comparison to the matter-of-fact manner in which it’s said:

The lack of a head and hands has stymied efforts to identify the woman, and police can only speculate as to why the knees were missing. Perhaps the knees carried identifying marks, Seyler said, or perhaps they simply didn’t fit inside whatever was use to transport the body parts.

Pictures from last weekend’s trip to LA (which will include no kneecap shots whatsoever, thanks) coming this weekend…