Frustrated and Excited

I give up. To hell with designing websites and writing porn. I’m gonna be a Towerette…


  • I’m working on three major projects right now which HAVE to be finished by the end of the this week when I leave town, and two of the clients affected did not get back to me with approvals on Friday, making me lose two very-needed days of work on them this weekend.
  • My new monitor is causing interference on the TV in my office, but only on the lower channels.
  • I rented some of my first porn videos in a couple of years this week and they just plain sucked. And not in a sexy sort of way.

Senile or just overloaded:

  • I seem to be forgetting very basic things this week, like where the trunk and hood releases are on my car, how many spoonfuls of coffee to use, and what channel Bravo is on.


  • I’m leaving town for three weeks next Saturday, no matter what.
  • I found a really cool That Girl video at the Super K-mart last night, which contains not only all three versions of the opening and closing credits, but also the famed Ethel Merman episode.
  • I found a copy of Repo Man for $3.99 in the very same pile.