Violating My Ride

So my car’s charmed life is finally over. As longtime readers may remember, my old car was a crime magnet which had been broken into many times, one of which ended in the fire which sent it to car heaven. But the most recent one had been immune for 3 1/2 years.

Until Friday night, that is, when it lost its front driver’s side window. Nothing else was gone, of course, because there was nothing else to take, so it was essentially just an $89 annoyance. And I was probably due, since I’d gone so long without problems.

Strangely enough, I’d just mentioned the miraculous record to Jamie earlier on Friday night. Right after, we discovered that someone had tried to get into my trunk this week too, but all they managed was to break the lock so I can only open it with the inside latch now. If I were a paranoid sort, I’d think someone was out to get me. But I’m probably just getting three-plus years of hassles in one week by coincidence.

It still doesn’t faze me, though. I’m no longer horrified at the site of shattered glass, like I was ten years ago in New York. Now it’s just a pain in the ass, part of the price of having a car in the city without also having a garage to put it in.

Thing I love today:

  • Filemaker Pro. Again. Always. This program will eventually save the world, even though I’m not yet sure how.

Things I hate today:

  • Safeway Select Fat-free Peach Yogurt. Bleccch…
  • It’s hot and sunny. Which makes me sullen and irritable.
  • Having to drive around with my window closed (until the glue sets) while it’s hot and sunny and I’m sullen and irritable.
  • No good movies this afternoon while it’s hot and sunny and I’m sullen and irritable.