The Weekend

So I’ve just returned from the Eagle and the going away bash for my friend Eugene, the latest victim of this “great economy” which is doing so many wonderful things for all of San Francisco.

Otherwise, a pretty uneventful weekend. Dan and Jamie came over for dinner on Friday night, I spent most of Saturday updating Did You Bring Bottles (only three months late), and today I tried unsuccessfully (again) to get my hands on some Krispy Kreme Doughuts.

Last Tuesday, as promised, we hit the grand opening. There was a line with a 90 minute wait. We went to a carnival in Oakland instead. This afternoon, the line was down to only an hour. I drove around Oakland and bought a cake at the Super K-mart instead. They’re good doughnuts, but they’re not THAT damned good.

Things I love this week:

Thing I really hate this week:

  • Long, hype-induced lines at the Krispy Kreme.

Yeah, I realize that I continue to have nothing particularly interesting to say. It’s always like that after the February sweeps, I guess…