Thanksgiving Dinner happened at the home of my friends Kevin, Steve, and Todd. These are all expatriate North Carolinians like myself; I actually lived with Steve and Todd for my first month in San Francisco. And i work with Kevin. So it was a homecoming of sorts.


The alcohol started flowing about 5:30. The music was a strange mix of the Fifth Dimension, X, and a collection of Coca-Cola commercials from the 60’s sung by Tom Jones, the Supremes, and more. Kevin did most of the cooking. His recommendation to me was to “bring something beige”, so my white trash contribution was a squash casserole heavy on the mayonnaise and cream of mushroom soup.

Dinner came about 9. Suffice to say ’twas a masterpiece. I was pretty staved, having managed to eat nothing but a bowl of cereal and a pack of crackers all day.

After dinner, things got really strange. Somehow, an unidentified man with a guitar appeared. I’m not really sure if anyone knew him or figured out where he came from. But soon we were all sitting around the living room singing “Dead Puppies” and other Doctor Demento classics. I was frightened to realize that I still know all the words to “I’m Looking over My Dead Dog Rover”.

It was time for another beer…