Seriously, universe?


Let’s review the past week:

  • Deal with mom being evicted from her facility for no rational reason and scramble around finding a new one over the weekend? Check.
  • Deal with negotiating an offer on my house and how to fix what may turn out to be a $20,000 contingency on the sale? In progress.
  • Visit my aunt in hospice on Friday afternoon, only to have her die five minutes after I arrive, and then squeeze the funeral into an already crazy weekend? Check. (Good thing I didn’t need much time to grieve.)
  • Deal with physically moving all my mom’s stuff from The old facility to the new one? In progress.
  • Deal with three other minor repairs in my house prior to the inspection on Monday? In progress.
  • Try to actually do my job–which has a lot of things pending right now too–for a few hours? In progress.

Frankly that sounds like enough to me. But no. Tonight on my way home after a morning of phone calls followed by three hours of signing paperwork and one hour of moving crap, I got rear-ended. Which means I have one more thing on my plate to spend even more hours I don’t have dealing with. its drivable and I’m not hurt, but to say that I really don’t need this right now is a huge fucking understatement.

I’m not sure whether locusts or leprosy will be next.

I still manage to have my sense of humor, but it’s getting a little harder. If this were a fucking movie, no one would buy the plot.

I’ve been holding it together pretty well for the past two years, so please allow me to be a basket case this week. I will stop whining soon.

(BTW, suggestions and nursing home/insurance/construction horror stories are really not what I need at this point, particularly with my limited time and overloaded brain. This is a really specific situation and I pretty much know what’s going on. I would gladly accept generic moral support, though!)

3 thoughts on “Seriously, universe?

  1. Yuck. Hopefully what I call the “ShitZees” will end for you soon.

    They always do tend to come by the dozen, which sucks.

  2. I managed to miss that all this was going on at the same time. Probably b/c we were in Baltimore and I was offline. I wish I could helped you with Mom’s move. In town for the foreseeable future and would love to do anything practical I can for you. Generic moral support is in abundant supply, too. HUGS

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