Basement 4.0

Basement 4.0 (Geeky Bachelor Pad Edition) is almost complete. Inspired by the need to merge a good bit of furniture from Pittsburgh into the house in Winston-Salem and the need for a space that actually feels like me after a year of perpetually “staging” the house, I’ve been converting the basement into my office/workspace for the past few weeks. I’m almost done, save for hanging cool stuff on the walls.

Today’s accomplishment included getting a lot of reference books down here from my old office, getting my collection of TV Guide dating back to 1960 on shelves in chronological order, and getting that long run of Progressive Architecture and Architectural Record we purchased a few years ago a little more presentable.

I’ve been working upstairs, too. I guess I’m sort of “reclaiming” the house (my life? my independence? choose your own metaphor…) and maybe trying to get more comfortable with the fact that I probably won’t be selling it in the near future. I may even do some painting. It’s definitely time for a transformation. I do love the house. And I always wondered how it might look if I had a really big house all to myself and could let my collection of crap run rampant. Maybe I’m about to see.

More basement photos after the jump.


3 thoughts on “Basement 4.0

  1. I REALLY love this! Talk about “reclaiming”…your spaces are very YOU, personalized yet functional. They make ME comfortable just looking at them! Having had a lot of time to rattle around my Tahoe house by myself, I can understand the appeal of having a big house at your disposal. If you can spend a good chunk of time doing this without too much encroachment onto finances or lifestyle, I say go for it and revel in it…

  2. Thanks. I’m sort of using the whole Pittsburgh “stuff merger” and my new bachelor status as an excuse to weed out junk (my standard of “junk” may not match anyone else’s) and to reorganize pretty much everything in the whole house. Gives me good weekend projects, at least…

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