Let it what?

There are many things in this photo, none of them snow.

4 thoughts on “Let it what?

  1. For a little while I thought, UNCG has sure CHANGED. Then I realized that this is a view from Jackson Library (duh) and that every single building is recognizable from my time there. I can see Mary Foust, Grogan, and Reynolds, and a little bit of Cone Hall on the right above the dining halls (North Spencer and Guilford are obscured by the cafeteria complex). And on the left are Mendenhall/Ragsdale and probably Coit Hall there at the edge of the quad.

    How’d I do?

  2. Oh, yes, it sure did!

    I’m excited the quad will be renovated and not torn down. Thank goodness.

    Any pics of the old EUC in the archives there? From the floor plan of the renovated version it looks like they gutted the inside and totally redid the layouts, and then renamed the new room with the old names.

    I’ll get to see it myself soon, I guess!

    Take care, hon. XXXOOO

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