Saturday Morning

I’m happy to announce that the long hell of summer is finally over around these parts, and that as of this morning, I finally had to give up and turn on the heat since the temperature inside the house was in the upper fifties.

I hate summer and am glad to see it go.

Alas, the cold weather and accompanying blanket fetish are also accentuating my fatigue now that I’m working full-time while going to school full-time while also doing my assorted part-time contract gigs. Suffice to say there has been very little free time this week. OK, what I meant to say is that there has been no free time this week, nor will there be any this weekend. I want more than anything to curl up on the couch and watch movies. That’s not going to happen, though.

It’s all worth it, because I’ve landed my dream job and I’m still quite excited about it. The two months between now and  graduation are just going to suck, though, and there’s no way around it. There will be whining and complaining. Please bear with me.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. We turned the heat on for the first time this morning. It’s definitely fall outside.

    Congratulations again on the job – that’s great news. Hang in there with school, the time will go by quick.

  2. Thanks. I like my new job. Seems you and I are both on the same schedule, and both landed new gigs before graduation, huh?

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