Dine Free Unless Delighted


Great article in today’s LA TImes about my favorite eatery in downtown Los Angeles (or anywhere in Los Angeles, for that matter). Every time I see Clifton’s, I’m afraid it will be the last, but I’m really encouraged to see that the family now owns the building, at least.


I need to visit Clifton’s again. It’s been almost six years.

2 thoughts on “Dine Free Unless Delighted

  1. We’re going to L.A. in October. Hopefully I’ll get to eat there for the first time. It’s a miracle that something this cool and kitschy has survived so long!

  2. I was going to say “Come for the fake plants, stay for the Jell-o” but I decided not to.

    It is truly a place of wonder, though. Don’t miss it.

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