He’s Back

Back from Fresno and other assorted points west. More later about:

  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • Vomit.
  • Machaca in Madera, pizza in San Francisco, waffles in Millbrae, and chicken pie omelettes in Fresno.
  • Loving my boy.
  • Running into someone I’ve “known” for years but had never actually met, on a travel day that was even more sucktastic for him than mine was for me.
  • Safeway Select Diet Grapefriut Soda.
  • The rather exciting fact that most radio stations in California seem to be broadcasting in Spanish these days.

One thought on “He’s Back

  1. Meeting you was definitely the highlight of the day – after that, it was all downhill! Next time, we will have to do it in a setting where we are not both in an airport daze – maybe the waffle house museum, followed by real waffle house!

    Glad you and your mom are safely back on the east coast. Wish us luck on our trip home this Saturday!

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