Randomly Thursday

Random thoughts for a Thursday afternoon:

  • Moron of the week: Timothy Dwayne Carter of Reidsville NC, who decided that he couldn’t survive his trial on drug and domestic violence charges without carrying a dozen vials of crack into the courtroom with him.
  • Anyone who really believes there will be no changes at the San Jose Mercury News under its new owners has obviously never spent the 45-50 seconds it takes to read the same owner’s Oakland Tribune on the average day.
  • There hasn’t been a first-run episode of The Andy Griffith Show since 1968, but it’s apparently still essential to the ongoing profitability of CBS. I’m not sure if that says more about the strength of Andy or the weakness of CBS.

One thought on “Randomly Thursday

  1. f*** yall thats my dad you werent in his shoes so you dont know what the happened

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