Randomly Friday

Randomly Friday:

  • Farewell to archiectural photographer Julius Shulman, who is responsibile for much of the way we think of Los Angeles.
  • Speaking of architecture, here’s an intersting post on Greensboro and brutalism.¬† I’ve never really thought that adding doodads after the fact was a particularly effective way of repurposing unfashionable buildings or of giving¬† a nod to historic preservation, but that’s just me.
  • Speaking of Greensboro, if you don’t vote for him, this guy will cut you. While I’m at it, why do all gangs (and, ironically, the Klan) have such stupid fucking names for their subgroups and leaders? North Carolina Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation? Please. Who’s in charge? The grand exalted cyclops or the kleagle?