Randomly Monday

It’s gonna be a really long, ugly week, so I’ll get these out of the way right now lest you not hear from me again for several days:

  • Is it really sad that I didn’t even realize the World Series was going on until I realized the DVR hadn’t recorded The Simpsons last night? And that I still don’t care?
  • Cool download via Scrubbles. This is surely one of the most bizarre albums ever recorded, featuring Hugo Montenegro (who wrote the theme from “I Dream of Jeannie” among other classics), an early Moog synthesizer, and covers of such groovy hits as “Dizzy”, “MacArthur Park”, and “Touch Me”, not to mention “My Way”. I remember it very well, as it may have been the first 8-track my parents ever owned. I think it came with one of my dad’s Buicks. For some reason, it sort of gives me visions of the cast of The Mothers-in-Law on acid.
  • Via my hubby: The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. It’s a fundamentalist’s nightmare.
  • New site from the creator of Charlotte Eats: Charlotte Ads.
  • And don’t forget the newly remodeled Diners of the World, to which I may even be contributing soon.

Back to the grindstone…