Stupid AT&T

So our wireless router/modem died yesterday afternoon, leaving us with no internet access. I’m sitting at a Starbucks right now, because it’s free and easier than driving to school or trying to find a parking space at Winston-Salem State or Wake Forest. The really sucky thing is that it’s fall break and I was really hoping to spend these two days getting caught up — and maybe even a little bit ahead — on my work. Oh well.

The other sucky thing is that we’re actually losing the DSL next week in favor of a return to cable, so if the damned router could’ve held out for one more week, it wouldn’t have been an issue anyway.

At least the weather is nice; we even broke out one of the space heaters this morning, and we started the Hallowe’en decorating last night. I think the long hell of summer is finally over. I hate summer.