Planet SOMA (1996-2008)

You’d think it might have been a little sad putting Planet SOMA to rest after nearly thirteen years. And it was, sort of. But it’s been something of a dead site for years now anyway, as most of its content slowly migrated over here, and as all my attmpts to resuscitate it with a new focus pretty much failed. So now Planet SOMA redirects to Otherstream, as it probably should have done since roughly 2002 or so. For reference, the few items that were posted on the latest incarnation of Planet SOMA have been transferred over here.

I’ll always keep the domain pointed someplace, even if it’s just to this site or to a flickr album or something like that. It was my first, after all. And who knows? Maybe I’ll get another bright idea for it some day, one that will stick.

Mainly, though, I just didn’t want to have it pointed at a dead body anymore.