Victim Mentality

Yet another example of the emerging propensity among “conservatives” toward the very same whining oversensitivity they used to deride so instinctively in liberals. Like so many annoying granola leftists, these right wing nimrods seem to be spending way too much time desperately searching for something to be offended by.

Of course, it helps your case if you can portray yourself as the underdog, even when your ideology is pretty much in control of the country at the present time, right? Fundamentalist Christians have been doing it for years. From some of their rhetoric, you’d think Christians were such a persecuted minority that they were in danger of becoming exctinct, when in fact they constitute a vast (and controlling) majority of the American population.

Perpetual Victim Syndrome is problematic enough when it develops in people who have actually faced some adversity. Can we please skip all these tears for the vast “persecuted” conservative majority?